New 3DP Policy: Filament "Scrap"

We’re getting a large pile of rolls of filament with people’s names on them, so I’d like to remind everyone that there is no personal storage in the 3D Printing area.

To keep things tidy and to make it more clear what is and isn’t available for public use, we’re going to try a new policy about personal-use filament:

If you picked up your print, you should have picked up your filament

How it works:

  • Users printing with personal filament should continue to write their name on their filament rolls. If you are printing something long on an MK3S+, you may leave additional rolls with your name on them next to that printer in case someone is around to change the filament for you. Consider adding your phone number as well, either on the roll or in your skedda booking notes.
  • When you come to collect your print, take your filament as well. Do not leave it in the space.
  • Filament rolls left on tables or anywhere in the printing enclosure will be considered available for public use unless they are associated with a currently-running print.
  • If you arrive to your booking to find a printer that has someone’s print on it and a filament roll with their name on it, please remove the print and the filament and put them together in the Lost and Found. If you have booked the XL, please remove all labeled filament even if you will not be using the extruders it is loaded into.
  • The lost and found is not storage either. Filament left in the lost and found without a matching print will be returned to the public use filament bins.

We understand that users will often not be in the space to remove their prints the moment they are completed, and that it can fall to the person who uses the printer next to remove prints and unload filament. It’s unfortunate that this is different from the general policy of cleaning up after yourself and can make for hard-to-predict delays in getting started during your time slot. Still, this is already a fact of using the filament 3d printers, it’s almost never more than 2 minutes of additional work, and we’re hoping this will lead to a tidier space overall.

Thanks for your cooperation!