Network connection (aka the vinyl cutter chronicles)

I’m trying to get the vinyl cutter computer up and running in the lounge and I’m not sure how to connect the computer to the internet. I think it was connected with an ethernet cable where it was in the 3d printer area before. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get it connected in the lounge?

Are you looking for a cable or a port?

You can plug it into the switch that’s in the network rack in the lounge. There may even be a cable there hanging from when somebody was working on the printers. If not… ethernet cables are kind of the background noise of the lounge/classroom area. Anything you can find in the classroom is fair game, or there might be one on the desk in the corner of the lounge.

Awesome. I found an unused ethernet cable attached to the big plotter (I think it’s a plotter), and plugged it into the router bear the rest of the computers. That seems to have worked!

I was also looking for the cutting mat that is supposed to go under the vinyl you’re cutting. If anyone knows where that went, please let me know!

I placed everything that was with the vinyl cutter into the lounge area. The only place i could think to check would be that shelf right before you enter the woodshop on the left.

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Now the issue I’m coming up against is the desktop is throwing a “hard disk drive error” and won’t boot up.

@EricP do you know if this is a recurring issue with this desktop? I’m assuming not and this may spell curtains for this machine. Is there another desktop that can be used for the vinyl cutter and/or another copy of the cutting software that can be used?

After a few reboots. The desktop came back to life. We should set up another desktop longterm

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Ah, ok, thanks Joe!

Yeah, having the desktop somewhere a bit further away from all the sawdust will help an awful lot. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of the make of the particular vinyl cutter at the shop, but are you sure it uses a mat under the vinyl. My 32" at home doesn’t use a mat, which is why you can cut an unlimited distance from a roll. I thought the “plotter” style cutters didn’t use mats, just the cricut style one did. But this is all based on my very limited knowledge of vinyl cutters.

Hmmm, you may be right. I’m fairly sure a mat did exist pre-move, but I have no idea whether it was actually necessary… I’ll do a bit of research and see what I see. Thanks!

I do believe this cutter does not use the mat. The white strip under the blade is what it cuts against.

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