Neon for Memberships & More

Hi Everyone:

Have you heard of Neon? It’s a cloud-based membership management platform that we have begun using for processing membership dues payments, scheduling classes and more. One of the biggest advantages to Neon is that it allows a member to login to his/her account in order to start/pause their membership, or change payment method. Neon also allows members to register for classes and pay for classes, all in one place. All new memberships are being created in Neon, and we’ve slowly been transitioning existing members from Freshbooks to Neon.

If you’re an existing Asmbly member and haven’t created a Neon account yet, please do so! The entire process consists of 3 steps and will take you about 5 minutes:

  1. Create a Neon account on our new Asmbly website. (soon to be published)
  2. Check your email to verify your account, and create an account password.
  3. Login to your new Neon account and purchase a membership. Just use the dropdown menu to select “My Membership” and enter payment information. It’s that easy!

Send an email to if you have any questions.


Neon Transition FAQs

Do memberships purchased via Neon renew on the 1st of each month?

Neon memberships are floating, which means they are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. So a membership purchased on October 20 will renew on November 20. Having a floating membership, as opposed to conforming all memberships to the first of each month, much, much easier from an administrative and cash flow standpoint.

What happens if Freshbooks charges me for my regular just before or after I’ve transitioned my membership payments to Neon? Do I get reimbursed somehow? Yes, absolutely. We’ll reimburse the unused portion of any memberships that are charged through Freshbooks to avoid members being double billed. Email to let us know we need to provide this.

What if I’m grandfathered into a lower membership rate? Can I still pay that rate? Yes, please email to request a continuation of the grandfathered rate. We encourage members who can afford the current membership rate ($75/mo) to join the majority of members at that level. Operational costs including rent and taxes continue to climb each year and the organization would benefit greatly from having all members paying $75/month.

I don’t have an automatically renewing membership in Freshbooks, can I continue this in Neon? Memberships in Neon are, by default, automatically renewing, however members can login to their Neon portal at any time and elect to stop their membership. (Please note that our keycard access system - OpenPath - is linked via API to Neon, and memberships that lapse will have keycard access immediately disabled.)

What payment methods does Neon allow? We are able to accept all major credit cards and e-checks (ACH). Unfortunately we’re unable to accept cash or paper checks. Multiple options (e.g. Visa gift cards) are available for members who wish not to pay with credit card or e-check.

Switching to Neon sounds like a big undertaking - why are we doing this?

You’re right! It is a big undertaking at the organizational level. Fortunately it only takes a few minutes for each member to create a Neon account and setup payment. We’re switching to Neon because it offers a single platform to manage memberships, billing, classes, communications, the ability to integrate other systems via API, and more. The business cost of using Neon is only $20/month more than what we’re paying for Freshbooks. The decision to transition was a no-brainer, and we’re confident that Neon will help us better serve our members.

Other questions? Just send an email to


If you’re still getting billed through Freshbooks, check out this post on moving to our new member management system – Neon. With Neon, you’ll have more control over your membership and be able to register for classes and events.

Also, when you make the conversion, email to let us know so we can make sure to stop your Freshbooks billing. You can also remove your credit card for your Freshbooks account to make sure it doesn’t bill again.