Neighbors Dumpster, don't use it

Neighbors left a note about their dumpster, pretty self explanatory.

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Thanks @jamesmcnees.

Side note just to let everyone know, I followed up with our neighbors about this and let them know that while I can’t say with absolute certainty that one of our members didn’t do this, we do talk about trash a lot and train each new member on which bin is ours. We too have had strangers dump in our bin before we added a lock. Unfortunately this can be expected with unlocked dumpsters, especially in industrial complexes like ours.

Nevertheless, message remains the same – Please put all trash in our locked bin using the key by the door.

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Dont know if we have something already, but a nice big noticable sign saying ours is the one with the lock would be useful.

As ive put a couple small things in that one by mistake.

Ours used to have big neon tape on it saying ATXHS, but it doesn’t anymore. I’m guessing the city replaced the bin at some point. I would imagine we could do that again (with “Asmbly” now) unless there is a rule somewhere that that’s not allowed.

This neighbor is continuing to make complaints to the board and now also the landlord. They have installed a camera and started sending us footage. Please do NOT use the smaller dumpster to the left that is unlocked. It belongs to our neighbor and they are vigilantly watching it and filing complaints when others use it.

I will add a sign to the door as a reminder for those who aren’t on Discourse often.

Side note, no one is obligated to deal with external conflict at the space with neighbors, etc. Feel free to politely direct anyone who engages you in this way to email

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