Need some CNC designs cut for new lobby bathroom mirror

We’re into the final stretch on the lobby bathroom remodel and making a mirror frame that incorporates both the lasers and CNC. For the CNC portion, we have some birds we need cut out. The design files were purchased from Design & Make, so I believe all the design and path aspects are accounted for. Here’s what they look like –


I’ll have final sizes and quantities by this weekend, but wanted to go ahead and ask now to see if I could like up a CNC person to help! I’m not sure how thick of material these designs require, but we are going to paint them, so any light colored wood should be good.

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OK, got the sizes figured out – we need 2 kookaburras (the second bird), one 9" tall facing with beak pointed left and the other 6" tall with beak pointed to the right (as oriented in the file).

We also need 1 cutout of the lovebird somewhere in the 8-10" tall range (whatever works best material wise).

Anyone want to make their mark on the beautiful new lobby bathroom by helping with this? :awesome:

I’ve got the wood for this now and some MDF for test cuts. Just need a trained CNC person willing to help out :pray:

You’ll get a chance to practice 3D relief work on the CNC and the satisfaction that you contributed to making our lobby bathroom beautiful.