Need restaurant recommendations near the shop

I drive over from the other side of town so am unfamiliar with the food options near the shop. Any insights into any hidden gems or great options nearby?

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The hot bar / taqueria in JD’s supermarket is my go to. My order: two carnitas tacos and a can of soda is ~$7, unbeatable value.

If a burger and fries is your thing Buddy’s Burger is good for fast food.

We live in the area. Buddy’s Burgers is our favorite fast food place. People come from all over town for Ken’s Tacos. They also have sandwiches and burritos Both of these are just south of the space on Dessau. You can walk to Ken’s (They are only open breakfast and lunch… they close at two.). Buddy’s is south past Rundburg, on the left side.

If you don’t mind driving a couple if miles, go up to Braker and across 35 where you have Oakwood barbecue and beer garden, 11:00-9:00, Tuesday-Saturday. They do run out sometimes.

A little farther on Braker to Lamar and then south there is a huge complex of Asian restaurants mostly all of them are worth a try

Across Lamar to on the left is Peace Bakery very good Lebanese food.

If you go north on Lamar about a quarter mile on the left there is a little complex with a Greek restaurant, a Croatian Restaurant and a diner-all pretty good


Vote 2 for Buddy’s. My go to spot for lunch between classes on Sunday’s.

If you go up to breaker take a left a couple of miles on the left, behind jack in thebox is tortilleria rio grande. They have mexican food. Make sure you know what you’re ordering, the food is very traditional (others may call it “leggit”). Ken’s mentioned above has a very good philly and youll get your money’s worth. Prices there are rather cheap. If you go right on Rundberg youll see plenty of mexican or central american food places. These are a hit and miss, sometimes they are good and others are a waste (I guess depends on the cook).

Sorry Tortilleria Rio Grande is on the right side behind Jack in the Box.

Look up Elotes Fanny, by the gas station. There are 5 or so food trucks there all with excellent Mexican/south american food for good prices. Thanks @ashleyrlee for leading me onto that place


Halal Bros on Burnett is 10/10 for non burger pizza option and is open late

Yep Elotes Fanny (the whole corn is so good) and the white taco truck two spots to the right - best “gringo” tacos (they melt cheese on the tortilla then add the meat)

The Asian Plaza on North Lamar has a bunch of great spots - baguette house for Bahn mi’s, taste of home handmade dumplings for … dumplings. First Chinese BBQ I recommend the roast duck and bbq pork, Pho Saigon very good pho.

Valerie has recommended Usta Kababgy for middle eastern food, also on N Lamar there is a baklava house, Chuy’s if you like to dip your chips in ranch sometimes.

Easy Tiger is 9 minutes south on 35 and they have great pretzels, pastries, drinks etc.

As for open late, The Bon Aire closes at 11pm, Pho Dinh open until midnight (closed Tuesdays)

24 hours Stars Cafe is 35 South to Manor, There’s a Waffle House 7 min from here, and Tyson’s Tacos is also 24 hours!

In this same center is Julie’s noodles which is also amazing. Only place in town I have found traditional beef noodles which I really like. Also good chow mein/ lo mein

If you like Usta kabagy, you should try Al Demashqi. It’s a halal trailer located at Dessau and Howard facing Dessau(pull into the first parking lot after the intersection and it’s the trailer facing the street) about the same distance as Usta kabagy but straight up Dessau on the right. They specialize in kebabs, shawarma, etc. They also offer grilled lamb ribs and chops. Everything is grilled to order. Both the chicken shawarma and the beef kebabs were the best we have ever had, as was the babaganoush.
Order on the website (make sure it is the Al Demashqi on Dessau at Howard) and then pick it up at the specified time. Just one guy runs the whole show. You could have a longish wait if he is busy.