Need members to share about shops in livestream for ILHIGH 3/2

The official I Live Here I Give Here event is next Wednesday March 2 and we’ll be doing a livestream to show people around and tell them about Asmbly (info in the Facebook event here). This will take place of the usual scheduled community meeting at 7:30 PM (Mailchimp announcement will go out this weekend and include more info on how to tune in).

@jamesfreeman has agreed to be around to demonstrate the CNC and talk a bit about that, and @Devmani will talk about 3D printing and some of the improvements that are coming soon to that shop area, but I’m hoping to get several more volunteers to talk about various areas of the space. I’ll probably just do something like ask you your name and how you came to find the space, then ask you about whatever area we’re in. Anybody interested?

@dannym – hoping you can be there to talk about the lasers and do some Tarkin demonstrations :crossed_fingers:
@JennChilds – would you be available to talk a bit about our specialty tools (Shaper and Domino)?
@iheartblocks – could you be there to talk about the Tormach and how you are using the current shop tools to build the new fiber laser?
@JoeN – are you able to be there to talk about the metal shop and welding?
@stepho – would you feel comfortable talking a bit about the plans for the textiles/sewing area? Not sure if that feels too soon, but would be great if not!

If anyone else not tagged is interested in talking about a specific area/aspect of Asmbly they really enjoy, please speak up! The more the merrier!

I will be doing a lot of work at the space this weekend to try to prep, so if anyone wants to discuss more in person just come find me up there (probably late afternoon/evening hours).

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Right, but I just got a message that there’s an off-schedule class created over the member meeting and ILHIGH

Oops, just looked at the class schedule, sorry forgot about that! I do see the email Scott sent you on 1/16 with the CNC class schedule. I’ll reply to it to move it to the top of your inbox for reference.

OK we’ve got that rescheduled so we’re a go on ILHIGH

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I’ll probably be up there tonight in the metal shop. I could talk a bit about the manual mill and lathe if needed, and/or about one aspect of Asmbly I didn’t anticipate: the synergy of having so many different types of equipment available. Being able to jump between the metal and wood shop has made a lot of my projects a lot easier. (Or I can lay low if you have those subjects covered. :slight_smile: )

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Yay! Glad you were able to reschedule @dannym. It just wouldn’t be the same without having you there to show off Tarkin :heart:

@mgmoore that would be great! Especially the synergy piece on having different types of equipment readily available. :smile: