Need a Compressed Air Line point person

I am looking for someone who knows how to run compressed air lines: what components to use and how to connect them to extend our current system.

All of the people that I know have such skills are among the “usual suspects”, i.e., people who already have large time commitments here. I’d like to find some other people capable of such jobs (or perhaps train someone to do them) so we can stop burning out our usual volunteers (including myself).

We need someone who can spend maybe 4-6 hours working on this over the next few months. (They should be comfortable with working on a scaffold at ceiling height, since we run our main lines up there.) Hopefully they could serve as our future point person for these tasks; they don’t come up often but are definitely important to keep the shop working.


Hey, Ethan, I like to think that I’m trainable. I’d be willing to help.

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A couple of people approached me who were willing to learn this. Your chance is coming; we have a simple compressed air line project to do soon which will serve as a good learning opportunity. We might start on the work day; if not, we will meet then to make a concrete plan to do it soon.