My new mobile Shaper Origin workbench

Thought I’d share my new setup for the Origin. This is a Festool MW 1000. I saw one of these on display at Rockler and thought ‘that’s the perfect mobile Origin workbench!

The Shaper Workstation sits nicely on the MFT top, and the threaded holes on the bottom of Workstation line up perfectly with the holes in the MFT top, so I’m going to make some M8 knobs to lock the workstation down.

There’s even a spot for the Plate’s Mini-SYS under the Origin’s systainer, and the plate fits nicely on the back side where the extension table is housed when it’s folded up! The SYS-1 is in the included drawer, and is adjustable so it can still open with the Workstation fence attached.

Working on designing some MFT rail mounts for some of the Workstation accessories that don’t fit in the SYS-1 (which I haven’t yet cut the foam on).

Not cheap, but I’m pretty excited about this, if you can’t tell. :slight_smile:

I thought about hauling it down to Workday tomorrow to 1) get a feel for what loading/unloading in my truck will be like, and 2) to show it off for anyone interested in taking a look.


If it’s not clear from the pictures, the vertical MFT you see is a whole separate extension wing that can be setup like this:


I would have loved to get a CT-SYS vacuum to make the whole setup fully mobile, but they don’t make the corded version anymore, and I doubt I could make it fit with how tall the Shaper systainer is.


I would love to see this. My Shaper table currently sits deep under my workbench in storage and prevents me from pulling it out for small little projects when it would be the perfect tool for the job…

I’ll probably be heading to Work Day around 10, if you’re around.