My first project as a member of asmbly

Father/ son bike building project!

I was on a ride a few weeks ago with my son Joe and noticed that his knees were slapping his lower jaw while pedaling his 24inch wheeled bike. I swear it fit a month ago! (probably not)

We talked about getting him a better fitting bike and I thought this would be a great excuse to show him how bikes go together. I found an old 26" steel Yokota frame and fork at the yelow bike project for about $20. It looked like a grat size for him. I didn’t notice till I got home that the frame had a couple issues that I’d need to sort out.

First, the headset size is a non-standard 1 ¼" threaded size. This was even an oddball size when the bike was new (probably early 90s) and the headset that came with the bike has seen better days:

I searched all over the country for a replacement, posted to groups on facebook, called old bike shop friends in Oregon, looked through distributer catalogs, called local shops, dug through bins, but these are almost impossible to find. Ebay had a couple examples that were in the $300 range :flushed: So I figured, we’d just replace the ball bearings and run the crusty one.

Out of nowhere I get a call from Billy in Florida. He’s a distant relative that heard about my search. He has worked at a shop for 30+ years and lo and behold Billy has a headset for me!

One problem down. Next issue, the seat tube.


Here’s the frame as we got it:

And here’s problem number 2. The seat post clamp (missing) must have had some kind of cam in it that squeezed the post in the frame. I’ve never seen another frame with this method of holding the seatpost in place:

So Joe and I came down to asmbly and used the sand blaster to clean the frame up.

And I carefully cut off the top of the seat tube, drilled a hole in the center of the tube, and slotted down to the hole using a hack saw and two parallel cuts. It’s tricky, but if you work slowly, it’s doable. Here’s how it looks now:

I also took the rear brake “noodle” off the frame. I’ve never liked these, they add drag to the brake and I’m planning on changing the rear cable routing anyway.


Whoa! I literally was just talking to @valerie at the shop yesterday and said it would be cool to see someone build a bike at Asmbly. Talk about a strange coincidence, especially with Calvin being involved with Yellow Bike.


It fun reading about your adventures in bike restoration, keep’em coming!


Many years ago I wanted to build bikes and now that I have the resources at Asmbly I definitely have gone in another direction

Would be rad to see someone fully build a frame, though that does require a lot of crazy jigs

Subscribed :white_check_mark:


I have a bikes worth of tubing. I can share the process when I’m ready to build it. I have a friend with a jig and tooling that I’ll need, so I doubt any of the work would happen at Asmbly, but it’s something I’d be willing to document and share


Calvin? (Please introduce me.)

Part one of the 3 part video:

If you watch and push the like button, I promise to be your best friend.


And part 2:

This one has most of the frame modification as well as some pretty low-rent rattle can painting. It’s been a lot of fun working on this with Joe!


Done and done! I love seeing member’s work on YouTube :heart_eyes: Your son is awesome, great paint job!


Thanks my new bestie!

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