My First Project! 11x 14 Shadow Box

I joined the space in December, and the first project I made is this 11x14 shadow box. Made of Home Depot’s select-est pine, and that brown backing board you get on a lot of thrift store frames. I had a great time learning miter joins and exploring the shop. I met a lot of helpful folks, especially as I struggled to get the table saw to cross-cut my miters. (Pro-Tip: Use the MITER saw for those.)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results. Instead of finishing it, I just oiled the frame, and used a vinyl sheet to make the backing white. I framed my server’s old motherboard, to be displayed in the office bookcase. This shadow box has 16gb of RAM.


That’s awesome for a month… It looks tight! :clap: :muscle:
I’m looking forward to seeing next month’s results!


16GB of RAM – love it :smiley:

Very much agreed. No matter how much I futzed around with the table saw and the digital angle gauge, I couldn’t get good 45-degree angles. Meanwhile, the miter saw made beautiful ones with zero fuss.

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