Multipour Epoxy with CNC

I was just messaging with Charlie and was reminded of this.
Shane went from zero to a minor phenomenon in just under four years.
Check out this video to see what he does … and perhaps to be inspired to try it too.

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Travis thanks for sharing this. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, but jigging up a community CNC seemed tricky. I had a couple pf ideas for it, but never got to that project. I hope having a CNC at home now helps encourage these sort of projects. Maybe in the future this could lead to jig classes at the space.

Shane was a guest at a combined SIG meeting earlier this year. We brought together our Laser and CNC and Epoxy communities and it was recorded on Zoom. Shane really does this technique well and if you’re curious to learn more then watch this:

He’s also willing to answer questions by email.