Mozaik Software not Working

The Mozaik Software is not working in both the Computer next to the IQ machine and the one in the Textile Room.

The Computer in the Textile Room is asking for a new code.
I think we need to reinstall the software in the computer next to the IQ machine. The software is crashing with an error.

Hi @getaswin

@jamesfreeman is working on getting the updated licenses now. Mozaik changed the pricing for non-profits that required an update for our license.

We should have the licenses in a few days. I’ll post here when we input them into the computers at Asmbly.


I would love to take a class on learning Mozaik once we are up and running. I know @jamesfreeman was collecting names of others who might be interested in a project based course (designing/building a cabinet for use at Asmbly) so if you are also interested, add your name to this channel.

Hi @SteveW,

I’m currently developing the curriculum for an intro to Mozaik class. The goal of the class will be to fast track you from software overview to cutting a cabinet on the CNC at the end of the class.

We have the list of interested people from the CNC demo day. We will email those people once the class is up and running. But please feel free to add your name here if your interested in learning how to build cabinets with Mozaik and the CNC.

The renewal license has been paid, and I’m awaiting the updated codes.

@getaswin Unfortunately, Mozaik doesn’t offer a version you can use at home to design before creating the Gcode. This is the primary reason we added it to the computers in the textiles room. I will also get the computer on the IQ machine re installed.

Thank you.

Interested in Mozaik class, please. Thank you.