Mozaik Cabinetry Design and CNC Software

I heard a rumor that ASMBLY might have a license to the Muzaik Cabinetry Design and CNC Software. See Mozaik Software. I’d like to try it out on our new Laguna Swift CNC. Can someone confirm this and tell me on which computer or computers have a license?

This is correct, and a member has cut gcode created from Moziak on the Swift successfully.
Currently Moziak is installed on the computer by the IQ machine. I intend to install it in the MPR room once I verify which computer to use.


I am said member, if anyone wants to talk about it.

I have made seven cabinets using Mozaik and Danny’s machine.

My first attempt on the Laguna Swift resulted in a case that’s ~1/8” too small for the drawers. I was using a custom hardware profile for the drawer slides; I also adjusted material thickness between cutting the 3/4” sheet (case, stretchers) and the 1/2” sheet (drawers and case back.)

The post does work and Mozaik is on the IQ’s PC. IMO the tool library on that machine is roughly 2x the feed rate I would use.

Valerie posted some pics of a set of three drawers that I cut. This is one of a few construction methods Mozaik offers. It’s less effort than using the Festool Domino and, as far as I know, provides similar joint strength for drawers.

I have four sheets of 4’x8’ that I plan to break down this weekend. If anyone wants to hang and watch the process let me know. Here are more photos from Mozaik & Laguna work I have done:

Quick note re: Danny’s CNC and Mozaik,
The gcode generated by Mozaik was unusable. I exported DXF from Mozaik and used VCarve to generate gcode for cutting on Danny’s machine.

I have used Mozaik gcode on the Laguna Swift. When using the “basic” tool library from Asmbly’s Mozaik install I scale the speed to .5. I built a custom tool library on my PC w/ my copy of Mozaik and the same post processor that Asmbly uses; the feed rates are lower and I cut at 100% speed.


Thanks @Iammikecohen for the insights. When on this weekend are you doing your break downs? If I’m available I would like to see it happening in realtime.

Saturday 1-5pm I will cut a 3/4” 4’x8’ radiata sheet and hopefully 1-2 3/4” 4’x8’ asian birch sheets.

Sunday I’m wide open and hope to process a couple sheets. If there’s a time that works for you let me know and I will book it.

@Iammikecohen, No need for any special timing/scheduling for me. I’m just curious to watch the CNC and chat about using Mozaik. So I’m hoping to stop by on Saturday 1-5 PM. @bwatt

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Here are the last four cabinets I made* on Danny’s machine. They have MDF fronts in the style of shaker cabinets.

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Resurrecting this old thread to ask if Mozaik is still on any of the shop computers, and if it can export code for the large Laguna CNC?

What kind of bits would one suggest for CNC cabinets? I guess a 5mm downcut for shelf pins, and a ~1/4" compression bit for the outline cuts and any dados/rabbets?

Do you normally do a rough cut, and then come by with a finish cut on the outlines? Assuming Mozaik supports that?

As of today our Mozaik license isn’t active on any PCs in the space.

nudge @jamesfreeman I need the Mozaik install details to set it back up on the CNC PC :slight_smile:

Sorry, I ran out of time last night.

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I use a 5mm, 1/4” compression, and 1/2” downcut.

The 1/2” downcut is for dado construction and door hardware.

Thanks. I forgot about door hardware.

@Jon were you able to get the SW reinstalled on the CNC PC? Just checking before I go to try and use it.

It’s installed but still waiting on an activation code unless @james has taken care of it

Should have them this week.

No problem I ran into James at the shop and he explained the ordeal that is getting the license setup.

The pc at the IQ desk and the right Pc in the MPR have licensed copies of Moziak installed now.