Mozaik Cabinetry CNC and Laguna Swift

Is the default CNC settings in the Mozaik Cabinetry Software setup with Laguna Swift Post-processor?

I wanted to make sure before I start cutting on the CNC.

@jamesfreeman did install a post. I don’t know if anyone has used it yet. I recommend running some air cuts to test it.

I have used the same post on my machine, but I changed a few parameters.

Things to look out for:
Does the Z move down on subsequent passes (not up?)
Does the Z move up on rapid moves (not down?)
Are you zeroing on the bed vs material top?
Is the feed rate too high for your bit / material? Mozaik feed rates are aggressive.

I have had the most success with zeroing to the machine bed.

Also something James and I have been discussing: make sure you update the material library to adjust the material thickness to what you measure your material to be, or consider increasing slop on some settings. Mozaik has tight tolerances by default and dados can be too tight if you haven’t set your material thickness correctly.

I reached out to Mozaik asking what would be the right post-processor for Laguna Swift,
They have asked me too fill a form and they will get a post-processor based on it.

I dont have all the information to fill the request form. Its asking for the customer no. and registered email address used for the Mozaik software and information regarding the CNC.

email from Mozaik:
Please fill out the below form and submit it to They will email you back the correct post processor file so Mozaik can communicate with your CNC machine. You can also access the post processor form by going to the Help>Training Videos>Post Processor. To do that you will need to make sure you are on the current version of the software which is 12.1.6. Mozaik software updates are included at no charge and are available on the Mozaik Forum under Software Updates – Current Version.

Post Processor Request Form - Post Processor Request Form (

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Training and Support Technician

If someone could help me with this we can get the post-processor file from them.

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We have the posy for the Laguna machines already. I have done ^^ this process. They still make you confirm and tweak things if they aren’t right.

I believe I installed the post on the pc by the IQ, but I haven’t installed it on the MPR pc. I will do that this weekend.

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Thank you, I was working on MPR pc, Let me try it on the pc next to IQ.

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New quarterly codes just came in, I will try to update them this week.