Moving computers from Electronics Lab to Lounge

Hi, folks,

One thing that shook out from the Community Meeting is that the computer systems that should have been on UPS Systems failed quite badly when the power went out.

Since our internet connection comes into the lounge (apparently it used to come into the electronics lab), that’s almost certainly where the UPS needs to live. That means that any computers on UPS need to live there, too.

As such, the computers in the electronics lab need to be moved to the rack in the lounge. I’m happy to do it, but I also need to know logins as well as people at the ready when I move them in case they don’t come back up properly.

Please let me know who I need to have on standby when I do this.


@elrod pretty much just the old security camera server is over there now right? the keyfob database is in the lounge already correct?