Moving computers from Electronics Lab to Lounge

Hi, folks,

One thing that shook out from the Community Meeting is that the computer systems that should have been on UPS Systems failed quite badly when the power went out.

Since our internet connection comes into the lounge (apparently it used to come into the electronics lab), that’s almost certainly where the UPS needs to live. That means that any computers on UPS need to live there, too.

As such, the computers in the electronics lab need to be moved to the rack in the lounge. I’m happy to do it, but I also need to know logins as well as people at the ready when I move them in case they don’t come back up properly.

Please let me know who I need to have on standby when I do this.


@elrod pretty much just the old security camera server is over there now right? the keyfob database is in the lounge already correct?

Eric…is Andrew the Electronics Lab guy we spoke about? Daae

I put a working online UPS in the new lounge rack. right now only OpenPath is on it, but it’s big enough to run everything we need to keep at that location (basically switch, router, modem, OP).

We need to keep the Cerberus server in the electronics lab running until OP readers are installed on the two outside doors. ETA for switch-over is august 1st, so we can scrap Cerberus shortly thereafter. There’s also the NVR for the wired security cameras and a switch and patch panel. It’d be nice to have an UPS on that stuff but it’s not absolutely necessary.

I put some related items on the workday to-do list.

yep he is

I believe that @kingkeyan made a comment about rewiring the cameras so we could move the DVR over to the lounge. However, that dovetails in to what you actually want to do with cameras.

@valerie made comments about being able to access cameras without having to come into the space. That probably necessitates a discussion between the management team as to whether the current camera system is adequate and how to configure it.

Yes, can def move all the camera equipment to the lounge. I think I had already set it up so you could watch the cameras on the app remotely, Eric had tested it on his phone.
It’s a pretty good system and is 1080p, so should be able to see the details the space requires.

I just won’t have time for the next couple months :confused: dealing with builders to hopefully close on our house and baby on the way, I probably won’t have free time until end of September.

I’m happy to leave wiring, connections, and tools at the space if anyone wants to do the brunt of the work (pulling wire from lab to lounge and leaving enough slack). Wiring should be easy enough, just takes time. If nobody is comfortable properly terminating BNC connections, I think I can swing by late night and get it done.


I used to work for my uncle’s company in Houston that upgraded school buildings with networking ports and cabling throughout the entire school. I don’t have any problem with pulling the cable and crimping bnc connectors. From my knowledge it is very similar to doing coax cabling.

I’m ambivalent on the value of extending all those BNCs to move the NVR, at least for now. The camera setup is relatively neat and tidy and doesn’t really need any repairs. If we’re going to pull some cable at workday, I think the priority would be to replace/extend all the miscellaneous network junk to the rack in the lounge. It’d be nice to get the APs power supplies on the lounge UPS and decommission that LOUD dell switch in the electronics lab.

We should not spend money or time crimping bncs. The RG 59 coax is better suited to terminate with a compression F connector and a screw on BNC

Ya, I think it’s just a matter of whether or not the camera system is cool chilling in the electronics lab.

I leave the decision to the powers that be but just know that I have everything to make clean runs, special Siamese cable suited for analog cams, and I’ll even leave pull string to use!