More info on Shaper Origin use

I’m looking for more info on how to use the Shaper Origin. Is there a set cost members have to contribute to use it? Is there a member who can help give a tutorial on use? The wiki just mentions there will be classes soon along with more info but that was back in October.

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For the Shaper and also the Festool Domino, we have a 3-6 mth period from the initial purchase of the tool where the initial donors are the only ones with access while they develop curriculum and use policies for the tool. The Shaper class is coming online very soon, we’ve been working on nailing down some dates. There will be a certification class that clears members for using the tool and also project based classes certified members can take to get more familiar with it while making something cool. I’ll make a point to post on this thread when we get something in Neon, should be posted within the next week or so.


Awesome thanks Valerie. This is a really interesting tool I haven’t wrapped my head around all the applications but have wanted to try for a while.