More CNC classes scheduled

We just added more CNC classes to the schedule - one with Danny on Feb. 10 & 11 and a weekend class with James McNees on 1/23 & 1/24. Both are open for registration at our site. We’ll have additional sessions up soon.


@astc these classes aren’t showing up in skedda

Thanks for pointing that out @ccjjmartin, I think it might be because of the type of reservation they were saved as. Just changed them over to be under the ATXHS Teachers user account.

@astc it looks like we can’t use the “Internal Use” type of booking. They won’t show up for standard users :pensive:

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@valerie - got it. i’m sorry about that; very good to know!

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Thank you @ccjjmartin - appreciate the heads up.

@valerie @astc I can now see the one on the 24th but the one tomorrow isn’t showing up for me still

@ccjjmartin That’s because tomorrow’s CNC class is via Zoom, not in the space. The first of the two-part class is over zoom; only the second day is in-person.


No worries! That one is not exactly intuitive. I think I only changed these CNC classes, not sure if there are others to adjust.

I’ll double check other classes today :slight_smile: