More 3D printer classes?

Any chance we can host some more 3D printing classes? I would like to use these machines but there isn’t another class for over a month.

The classes were being held every two weeks earlier this year. We decided it would be better all around to space them out every 3 weeks and increase the class size from 3 to 4.

If we’re finding there is more demand, we can look at adding another class. We also talked about having a class that is for people who already know 3D printing but just need to get trained on our machines and setup.

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I’m doing some mild thread necromancy to see if there’s any general guidance about 3D printer class schedule, esp. for total newbies. I’m not in a huge rush to get going, but it would be helpful to know whether we’re looking at the next one in April (after the 4/2 one) or if it’s yet TBD. Thanks!

There should be more classes in April hopefully beyond the 4/2 listed class but as of right now it’s TBD but an announcement will be made when other classes are listed here on Discourse.


Thanks Randall – I’ll try to monitor this board a little more frequently so I can jump on the next offering.

I’ll try to make it a point to tag you when more classes are posted.


Thank you!

A class for people with experience would be great!

Explain in more detail what you would be looking for in a class for people with experience.

Mentioned above by Valorie Grace. It may be easier/cheaper to offer a shorter class for people who have already used printers and just need to get up to speed on the assembly procedures/printers. Not sure if it’s practical or not. I’m excited to take the regular class next time it’s available to get going on the printers!

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I know how to use a 3d printer, I have one at home, but it’s not very good. So I know all the basics, but I need training on a) How to use the printers Asmbly has, b) recommended slicers/settings for the printers c) suggested materials with the printers, d) how to use the resin printer.