Monthly newsletter 9/5/23

We’re trying out a new email newsletter platform this month – flodesk. Another techy person who leads the notorious Austin Digital Jobs Facebook group turned me onto this platform as a Mailchimp alternative that is cheaper and has some more layout options. I kept it simple this month, but am interested to hear what people think. Love it? Hate it? :person_shrugging: See something you are missing from the Mailchimp versions that you’d like to see here? Let me know here! One thing to keep in mind is that this newsletter is specifically designed as a marketing tool for Asmbly. It has ~4k subscribers while we have about 415 members.

I’m still checking it out on the backend side to see if it’s going to pass the bar. It seems like it may be missing some valuable features on the reporting side, so not totally sure yet if we will stick with it.

Here’s a link to the campaign that just went out – Do you still recognize us? 👀

I think it looks good. Simple format.

I don’t know if this was an oversight but the URI to the meetings

just opens up the picture in another window.

That raises a different question. If this newslatter is for outreach to the public, and the meeting is for members only (I don’t know about this), should there be a “public” calendar anybody can access? This is more a policy question than a newsletter question.

Thanks for the feedback @David78737! Were you looking at this one? This is what that part in the newsletter about the community meeting looks like:

When you click on the red card there, it leads to this post. My aim with this layout was to give the “What, When, Where, Who” in the cards and make clear what’s open to anyone (with a focus on highlighting events open to everyone). The community meeting is definitely geared towards members, but it’s not exclusive. We keep it as an open event so member-curious folks feel welcome to join and get to know people in the community. The Asmbly Events calendar is a public calendar anyone can access and has all our free events listed on it with info on the Ws.

@valerie It could be my browser. Sure you guys have it figured out I think it looks good. I’m sure you check mobile screens when you send these out.

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