Monoprice Maker Select (Prusa i3-ish) for parts

Hey there! I have a Monoprice Maker Select, which I believe is a rebadged or knock-off Prusa i3 FDM printer. Functional but would need a lot of care to look decent, might be better for parts.

Got it in 2017, had to send off for a warranty repair and it came back not entirely square but I could still run simple prints on it. I installed a separate board to route power to the heated bed, hence why the chassis isn’t closed.

Don’t want to just pitch it, but I’m moving and this didn’t make the cut. If anyone would like to have it, I’d be happy to bring it by the space for you.

Tried adding photos but Discourse wouldn’t take em nor will it accept a link to an album but here’s a workaround of you want to see