Molex / TE Connector Crimping Tool

Hi. Does the electronics lab have a Molex SL 2.54mm / 0.1" 22-30AWG crimping too or similar TE compatible with Molex SL 70058 Series?

Also for those who come across this thread, a useful link with summaries for many connector types, crimping tool differences, and their uses is

I was able to swing by after voting - the only ballot drop-off location for Travis County is about 7min away for those who live further away.

I didn’t see any Molex crimpers but did find a bin above one of the work benches with a few other crimping tools. Posting here for those who might need the info.

G&W Elco 06-7700-13
Adjustable thickness round crimp for Elco miniature pins, maybe EDAC / Amphenol / Phoenix circular contact pins often seen in industrial automation interfaces

Buchanan Electrical Ferrule Crimping Set
Color Coded 12-20 AWG, possibly 10 AWG yellow
Ferrule use recommended for high current heater connections such as 3D Printer heated bed / hot-end terminals on controller mainboard rather than bare wire to prevent creep loosening fire hazards.

Eclipse 902-341
Punch down tool for making keystone jacks for telephone / CAT5/6 sockets
how to use punch down tool with cat 5 punch panels

Greenlee 45553 Telephone Ratchet Crimper
What’s a telephone? Are those the things with numbers that spin around and hurt your fingers?

RJ45 Ethernet crimper

TE / AMP Connectivity Manual Ribbon Stuffer
Didn’t see stuffer/comb die attachments, but probably in the older 70’s style toolcase next to it

Be aware that different countries have different color codes that overlap with each other so it’s important to double check the ratings. With mass consolidating and outsourcing it’s getting more common to have a product designed in the USA, assembled in Mexico, with components from Germany, France, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, all with different standards. Stranded wires come in many different formats that appear the same at first glance - different numbers of strands, aluminum, copper coated aluminum(CCA), pre-tinned copper, ultraflex silicone(many more fine strands but lower current and delicate crimping requirements) etc.