Mistaken Moderation

I’ve been moderated from the thread ‘Rebranding from hackerspace name’. Probably a mistake as my posts are the following:

If I had written something such as:

‘How about ATX Hyraceum? The word evokes the legacy of the Exploratorium. Suitably techy, but rather than a dry science & technology hard edged vibe, the etymology suggests cross species & cultural inclusivity as hard edged as a rock rabbit sleeping in it’s safe & comfortable habitat building fragrant monuments of lasting substance across geologic timescales. The space is endowed with the fragrance of organizational stability—the sedimentary longevity which such structures support as embedded in the intentionality of production for sake of productivity, action, & communal agreement of purpose & ethical fiber.‘

I would not expect to be censored in any reasonable community exchange amongst adults.

Admins—please take a looksy at this erroneous moderation.




You haven’t been moderated; the rebranding thread is in the “Proposal Considerations” area, which only allows posts by members. Your membership appears to have expired in November.

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Ok, thanks—evidently I used the wrong word. If I’m not allowed to participate in a discussion for which I was participating in the past, I have been censored from that discussion. If there were serious issues with non-members starting proposals—hard to imagine—I could understand locking a topic down in this way, otherwise I maintain it doesn’t make sense to me.
The topic reaches beyond the member community. The OP of the topic is not a member of the community.