Missing plywood

I had some wood in the rack by the cnc machine and some cut plywood arches. In the back storage area behind the side stairs, I admit I didn’t have it marked but they’re gone. They were here yesterday. I appreciate the clean out, it looks nice BTW. Any chance they are recoverable?

Also, where are the storage tags? I never can find them!

Hi Bob,

The storage tags, when they are available, are over by the bathroom/laser area, in a little box attached to the wall. Look to the right of the bathroom door.

Sometimes they are not available and you have to improvise a bit. Btw @JoeN maybe you or someone else knowledgeable could post how to print more of these when they are gone?

As for the wood: we cleared out those storage spaces of unmarked wood yesterday evening, and had to use our best judgment for what was abandoned and what wasn’t. Anything that looked usable, costly, or recently used was stacked in the storage area under the stairs. If your wood is not there and we misjudged, please send me a message and we can figure something out.

Thanks for the reply. I found one sheet of ply and tagged it. The arches are what I want to get back. They were 5 pieces to be glued together in the back corner under the craft loft. Only been there 3-4 days.

In the back corner under the craft loft? I’m afraid if something wasn’t huge or labeled back there, we got rid of it. The reasoning there was that the member’s handbook is pretty emphatic about not storing things back there without special permission and labelling, and it was such a mess back there… I’ll message you privately to continue the convo.

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