Mill Tooling (Manual and Tormach)

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Hi, does anyone know if the makerspace has a slitting saw and the arbor and other tooling needed to work hold slitting saws on the tormach and or the Rungfu manual mill? If we do not have that tooling around I looked into what Tormach sells for the 1100 M and found that a slitting saw (not the best quality according to a tech. I spoke to from Tormach but will get small jobs done), the accompanying arbor, and tool to tighten the arbor down onto the slitting saw will cost the space about $175 with shipping and taxes added on I think its a pretty small investment to get slitting capabilities at the makerspace.

As for the Rungfu mill I’m not exactly sure what collet system it uses but if we don’t already have an arbor and slitting tool to do manual slitting we should definitely look into buying that tooling as well to up the machining capabilities at the space.

We do not have these. They are definitely on the list which I am hoping to begin acquiring soon. I’d forgotten you were interested in them; I’ll bump their priority up. Can you share the links for the ones you looked at?

Vendor Description Material Diameter (in.) Width (in.) Arbor Size (in.) Teeth Teeth config. Keyway Coating Price Notes On Product
Tormach Slitting Saw Micrograin Carbide 2 0.0625 0.5 48 (fine) staggered No No 59.95 Need 1/2" arbor
Tormach Slitting Saw Arbor for 1/2" slitting saws NA Na NA 0.5 NA Na No NA 69.95 Needs 2.9 mm pin spanner tool
Tormach Pin spanner wrench NA Na NA 0.5 NA Na No NA 13.95 To cut slots on the 1100 m we need invest more than $143 which is the cost of the one slitting saw, TTS arbor, and pin spanner wrench

@mgmoore if you know the colleting system the Rungfu uses you can send me the details and I’ll see about finding the tooling for the manual.

Also, emphasis on what the guy from Tormach told me. the slitting saws that Tormach sells are not the best out there as teeth are the same width as the saw blade so the deeper you cut the more heat will be generated and the tool is to fail if not properly lubricated. He mentioned that buying from Harvey tools or another higher end tooling distributor is a better bet. just fyi.

@Andres79 I have a spitting saw setup for an R8 collet. The saw kerf is 1/8”. Let me me know if you need to borrow before Asmbly acquires one?

Take a look at the TTS brand. They are decent and cost effective

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We should probably just get TTS and R8 arbors in the same diameter and find a saw or set of saws to share.

This looks like the only Shars option in native R8. Not sure if I trust the precision of a universal arbor Slotting Saw Arbor R8 shank

Thanks I wrote TTC. Mine is similar to the Shars one. The blades index onto the R8 and then it is secured with a counter sunk screw

Thanks Joe I appreciate the offer but the features I’m trying to cut are less a little over 1/16" thick so I’ll need a blade that is about 1/16" thick.

I found a blade. 1/16 Blade