MIG Welding Class, Any in March 2023?

I was talking to @JoeN Jo at Lunch and he said he was no longer teaching the welding class. I did not see any classes on the calendar. Could someone point me in the right direction?

I am wanting to help @EricP with the MIG welding that needs to be done on the fiber laser.

The Mig class was last weekend. Its on a 3 week cadence.

Hey, James.

Is it on the calendar?
I was trying to be as unobtrusive as possible and answer my own question.


The next two MIG classes, on April 2nd and April 23rd, are both full already. We may need to add more classes.

I’m not sure if the classes are on the calendar, but they are listed in the classes section on the website.

Ok. Thanks.

Hey, James.

I’m sorry about that. I was hardly ever on the website. I was in the Yo! Assembly chat almost exclusively and I looked high and low trying to find the welding classes or any classes. When I found the calendar, I thought I was in the right place.

I appreciate it.

Is your Monday 6-9pm still available?

I feel a bit bad asking you to teach a one-on-one class. If my 18-year-old kid is available, can they join us? (For an additional class fee.)

We only use Google calendar for events, not classes. Classes are in Neon and available on the website classes page @mgmoore linked.