Mid century modern coffee table, from scrap wood

Been working on this thing since august in tiny spurts and I’m happy to finally have it done so we can use it

@dingusfarms had a project with some leftover mahogany trim of different flavors and we needed a coffee table, so this was the result

I glued a panel with the lighter mahogany and a strip of poplar for an accent. The boards were so twisty and warped I had to use a ton of dowels to get them all lined up. 109 dowel holes were enough to tell me I never want to use a dowel again in my life.

Once that was done I flattened and cut the shape on the swift. I got tons of burning despite running what I thought was a pretty aggressive federate. But I was using one of the older surfacing bits which was probably pretty dirty.

The base used a darker mahogany that I laminated together and milled blanks out of. Again these were all pretty twisty so I had to get creative when clamping these together. The domino was brought in on the legs and I probably went overboard with it, but it worked out and it was still easier than dowels. I also used the domino to cut slots for z clips, which is how I attached the top.

The whole thing was finished in Rubio plus 2c in pure, and man did that really make the base pop.

Mistakes were made, I screwed up my order of operations on rounding over the base, so that middle intersection isn’t how I wanted, but I think it still looks cool. Since I had to use so many dowels, I ended up cutting into some when I cut out the shape, so they can be seen on the edge. When making the holes for z clips I initially cut them too close to the top so I had to come back and make new ones.

Now I want to replace all our furniture!


That is SO beautiful. Thank you so much for showing!


Very nice design and great piece. For some reason the top looks to me like red oak, white oak, cherry, maybe alder, and only the oval ends mahogany. I dont see poplar anywhere. The photo maybe fooling my eyes though or i may need new glasses. Never the less a beautiful piece of furniture and the dimensions and design are very pleasant!


Really well done!

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Looks awesome, Great work! Thanks for sharing

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