Metal Workshop Class

Hi, I’m a sculptor and new member to ASMBLY. I was hoping to take the Metal Workshop class so I can begin a project. @JoeN, could we connect regarding? Many thanks, Kat

My son and I would like to attend if there is a class.



Kat, Do you have metal shop experience or are you needing a class to learn to weld?

Clay, I emailed you back last week. I didn’t get a response.

Hi Joe- thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I do but it has been awhile since I’ve welded so I’d appreciate a refresher, esp. re: ASMBLY metal equipment protocol! My schedule is flexible- I can be reached at to arrange. Looking forward!

Hi Joe,

I just tried registering for the MIG class on 8/21, and despite it having only 2 out of 3 registrants, it said the class was full and I was put on a waitlist?

I have a project I really need to get kick -tarted. Can we please connect directly? I’m unable to see the enveloper where I can send a direct message via Discourse .

Many thanks,

Happened to see your message and checked the registrations. It looks like there are actually 3 people registered and we may need to tweak the script that feeds that info on the website. Thanks for mentioning so we know, putting that on my to do list :slight_smile: