Metal Shop Intro

Are the welding classes with Joe meant to be the basic intro to allow us access to this space?

Yes during the Mig class you cover all the basic tools in the metal shop area as well.


If already competent in MIG can I do TIG instead or do I have to take the MIG class to get access to the space?

I can do a check out.

Sorry, what do you mean by check out?

I would walk you through the metal shop. We would cover safety and where things are located.

That sounds perfect, just let me know how you want to handle scheduling that. I’m basically free in the evenings starting at 5:30-6pm and on weekends. Just let me know what works best for you and I should be able to make something work. And then let me know what fees and such would be associated with the intro. Appreciate the flexibility. Thanks

I can meet on Wed around 6?

That works. I’ll see you there. Thanks so much.

Hey Joe, I hope you didn’t wait on me too long. I had an emergency at work and it totally fell off my radar. Anyway we can reschedule?

No worries. I was working on installing something with PJ and fixing something else. I will be there tomorrow afternoon or Sat morning?

Ok, i’ll swing by Saturday morning. Does 9-9:30 work?

Or whatever is best for you really, just let me know

Sorry I forgot about today. I will be at the shop (Sunday) for a class. You want to meet at 8:45 till 9am?

Sure that works

I’ll see you then, tomorrow

Can we sub experience in welding and metal working for the basic into into metal fabrication. 17 years as a rig welder can run all welding equipment have my Osha 10. And proficient in all welding processes with all metals except titanium. Just curious.

You’d still have to do some sort of check out process with @JoeN or @EricP, but you likely wont have to take the intro class

I can meet you when I get back. Is this upcoming viable?