Metal shop a mess

I hope the last person that used the metal shop is okay. Must’ve been in a rush to leave. Tools left out, metal still in the vise and the place was covered in grinding dust.

Thanks for mentioning this Greg. Whoever was using it didn’t schedule their time. The @board will investigate this.

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Hey Greg

Historically, cleanlyness in the metal working area, has been problematic.

Cleaning up after folks is no fun, I always try to leave the space cleaner than I found it. There are times when something comes up and someone has to leave in a hurry. Thanx for carrying the torch.

I have not accessed the space since last year and plan to use the metal shop very soon.
I actually have a bundle of steel tubing along the wall, that Joe tells me, is still there. LOL

I recently updated all my info and shifted from the old pay system to the new system.

Looking forward to reintegrating soon, and putting faces to names

Peace, Wolf