Metal railing seems out of the way...isn't

Let me preface this note by saying that I’m not putting anyone on blast or angry or anything; I just wanted to share my observation in a formative sense…

I needed to use the auto bay tonight to winterize my trailer but ended up having a minor accident on the way to ATXHS, so I would also need to use the auto bay to inspect the damage and make small repairs. When I arrived, the bay looked clear until I backed the trailer in and realized that the railing a member was storing there actually cut into a not insignificant amount of space that I needed to access the trailer systems.

The signs say no storage in that area but I totally empathize with the person who left the railing there. Something came up, the railing needed to stay longer than expected, and they were thoughtfully placed out of the way with a note and number. Personally, I never would have noticed them if it weren’t for a series of coincidences that all conspired to turn that otherwise inconsequential space into the exact space that I really needed at that particular time.

Anyways, just sharing an experience. Not a big deal, just really annoying that the universe would conspire to send me to that spot if it knew there was already a railing sitting there. Oh, and if you ever hook a trailer up to your truck you should take the extra step of actually coupling the two, as opposed to just resting one on the other and driving off. Don’t ask me how I know…

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Sure, blame the Universe! :grin: