Metal Lathe Class?

Hi there! I’m new to Asmbly and taking my intro/safety courses next week. Some of the tools I am excited about using are the metal lathe and sandblasting cabinet, but I don’t see any courses upcoming this year for either of those…

Is it possible to request a class on the metal lathe? If not I understand, but I would love to know the best way for me to get started!

Many thanks!

Things have been in flux with the new lathe and the big metal shop rearrangement. Right now, Matt is actually the only one who knows how to use the lathe; he needs to show the rest of us before we can start teaching anyone else. @mkmiller6, maybe we should arrange this soon?

The sandblaster will be taught as part of the new General Metal Shop class (name still TBD) that will be offered soon. (It will not be taught in the milling machine class as currently listed.) But it is quite simple; if you need to use it sooner, either make arrangements to learn about it with Matt Miller or, if you come across a metal shop steward who has time, they can probably show you how to use it.

Hi Andrew,

I’m one of the instructors for the lathe. I’m going to start scheduling classes in a bit. I will post once here once it is happening

I want to schedule a class for Sunday. I am checking on people who want to take the class from 9 till 12. I don’t want to schedule if there is not enough interest. The class size is 3 people

Do we have to retake for the new lathe, or is there some sort of free class like there was for Tarkin, etc?

This is a new class. I or Andres will start doing the recert classes. More details to follow

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The class is now online. It is Sunday from 9 till 12. Link

Many thanks! I have registered for the class.

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@JoeN When will the next metal lathe class be offered? Tomorrow’s is full. Thanks!

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I am getting one scheduled for Sunday the 2nd from 9 till 12.

The new class is available. Sign up The class is Sunday Oct 2 from 9 till 12.

Thanks! Just signed up. See you on the 2nd!

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