Metal Lathe Class

I am teaching a metal lathe class on Sat the Oct 31th at 10am till about 1pm.

The metal lathe is very much overlooked. The metal lathe us the ability to make round objects. We as a society take that for granted. Learn a new skill and greater appreciation

Things we will cover is:


-Parts of the metal lathe

-How to indicate a part

-How to face a part

-How to turn a part

-How to center drill, drill, and use a boring bar

-How to part a part.

You will get a handout, a greater appreciation of the metal lathe, and a keepsake. Class fee is $100


I’m definitely interested! Where do we sign up?

Same here. Where to sign up?

I am interested. Let me know where to sign up

Here is the link to sign up. Here

I don’t seem to be Able to edit the sheet. It says I don’t have permission.

Sorry I just changed the permissions.

Your thread says the 31st but the spreadsheet says the 24th. Are there two classes or is one of the dates wrong?

It is the 31st. I made a copy of the spreadsheet and forgot change that. Thank you for letting me know

Cool, thanks. I updated the sheet.

Edit: I was looking at the “upcoming classes” block. Not sure if this one counts as “upcoming” or not.

Thanks Joe. Works great now! See you On the 31st

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Hi Joe,
I am definitely planning on attending. How do you sign-up for the class?

David Peterson

Hi David,

Here is the link.

Hi Joe,

Thanks so much. I found the link and signed up on the spreadsheet. I’ll see you on the 31st.

David Peterson

Hey @davidp0854 ,

I went ahead and scheduled a 2nd class and added you to that one since you were the last to sign up. Sorry for the confusion. Let me know if the 14th works for you?

Hi Joe,

The 14th of November works just fine for me.

Thanks for doing this!

David P

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@davidp0854 and @da5idii. Do you mind If I move the class to from Sat Nov 14 to Sun Nov 1 at 10 am? I have a conflict.

Hi Joe,
Moving the lathe class to Sunday November 1 at 10am works just fine with me.
David P

That works for me as well

Great thank you. There is one slot left for Nov 1.