Metal drill press red tagged

The belts came loose and I didn’t know what speed to set them at.

If you need to use it, just know you’ll need some time to set the belts in or wait for a steward to untag it.

*I’ve already left, but in hindsight I could have just scanned the info code to find the belt positioning. Thank you stewards for the QR code system, apologies for being the user in “user error” lol


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We really need a new drill press. I found the Rigid to be poor for metal and doesn’t seem to have the correct chuck key. I’ve been using the Craftsman which is a better press, particularly for metal- although broken enough that it needs replacement. But mostly I’ve been taking work back home to put on my Harbor Freight (Central Machinery) drill press.

The one I have may be HFT, but performed fine. That one was purchased long ago, I can’t be certain if today’s are better or worse. But they’re cheap enough. This is their “top-of-the-line”:

Can we get something soon?

Could you be more specific? I don’t follow the leap from “wrong chuck key” to “need a new drill press”.

The belts might need to be replaced. I think the handles could be replaced. I find it odd that most drill presses of a similar size which are probably clones of each other behave differently.

Wrong chuck key is a start. IIRC the Ridgid didn’t have a catch table for coolant/lubricant, it didn’t have a wide range of adjustable speeds, the plunge didn’t seem to have good leverage for metal but would be OK for wood. I’m not sure, I worked on it for a short time and moved on to another drill press awhile back. The Craftman performed better, even with the missing arms. I thought we had drill press down as a priority item?

We do, but for the wood shop. If we get a new wood drill press we’d pick the nicer of the two old ones to put in metal shop before replacing that one.

I wouldn’t object to spending $750 on a metal drill press if it’s a real upgrade. I don’t want to just replace the one we have in lieu of routine maintenance (chuck and belts are both wear items).

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