Metal Chop Saw Red Tagged(Resolved)

The metal chop saw is down until we can get a replacement blade guard. No ETA yet. In the meantime, the abrasive chop saw is available. (Hope you like sparks!)

Miter cuts on a bladed metal cutting saw with this type of moveable fence is always a hazard. The front of the blade is cutting downward and into the fence. The middle of the blade is cutting downward and neutral into the fence. The rear of the blade is actively pulling the work up. I recommend a small c clamp that can clamp your material onto the fence. Make sure the c clamp clears the blade and allows the saw to fully come down. The clamping forces aren’t perpendicular when cutting a miter. The c clamp will help you get a truer cut angle wise. Their other way is to add a block of material between the fence and the material being cut. This will bring the cut into the middle of the blade.

If the part is on back order or will take a long time. We might want metal epoxy the guard.

I’ll have to call their support tomorrow to see.

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Thank you @mgmoore for ordering the parts and getting it back together. The Red Tag is lifted

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Actually, I got a part, then got it apart; @JoeN put it back together. And he showed me the issue he raised above more clearly. I think it merits a change to the Metal Shop Safety Class and possibly even a slight modification to the saw itself.