Metal Chop Saw Blade

Starting my first project since taking the MIG class- anyone know off-hand what kind of blade the steel chop saw accepts? Trying to pick one up before heading to the shop later this week.

I looked through discourse and wiki but couldn’t find any specs. Thanks in advance!


This is the one I use

I think it also takes a 15" blade, but 14" blades were a lot cheaper when I looked and I didn’t need the extra depth of cut.

I could have sworn I did a write-up on blades for fab shop tools, but I can’t find it on the wiki. I must’ve buried it in Google Drive somewhere… sorry! :confused:

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@Jon is correct. Whew that is a price difference.
Get this blade Amazon

I want to get a Oshlun blade. Haven’t tested one yet. The Freud blades don’t seem to hold up. Use the light pressure when pulling down. Let me know if you have any other questions?

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Thanks @Jon and @JoeN.

My plan is to do some 45 degree cuts on 1x1x1/16" square tube for coffee table legs. Will do a few test cuts to get the hang of it.

Am I right in assuming the chop saw would be better than the horizontal band saw for something like this?

The horizontal bandsaw can be as good. It requires some finagling and checking. The chop saw requires less checking to get quality cuts.

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