Metal bandsaw usage

Hey guys,

I’d like to use the bandsaw next to the metal shop to cut a knife out of some steel. Do I need to take a training on it? How does it work?


It definitely requires training. I will be in the shop Friday and Saturday. Let me know if you will be there on either day?

Also are you cutting mild steel?

Hey Joe! I’m not really sure if it’s mild or not. I researched a bit and it looks like the easiest steel to heat treat at home is 1080/1084, so that’s probably what I’d be cutting.

edit: I’ve just looked, and apparently it’s only $6.50 to just send my blade out to Texas Knifemaker’s supply for HT. Therefore, I think I will stick with 440c for now probably.

I’ll definitely be at the shop on Friday, so that’d be awesome if you could show me then.


I will be there from about 10 till 1 and then 4 till 7 on Friday. We should be able to cut it.

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Hey @carsuaga I’ve made a handful of knives in the past and generally use a cutoff wheel to get close to the profile and a belt grinder to clean up and create the bevels and the rest of it. But I’ve never had access to a metal bandsaw, and that should help speed things up a bit. The belt grinder in the metal shop will likely be useful, so make sure to take a look at it. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

And yeah, 1084 is super easy to heat treat at home, but I’ve got some stainless steel that I was planning to send out for HT, so I’d be interested in your experience with Texas knifemakers if you end up using them.

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Hey @JoeN, t looks like my steel isn’t going to arrive until maybe Saturday or Sunday unfortunately. So, I’ll have to work on that next weekend. That’s okay though since I’m hoping to complete a walnut desk top this weekend anyway :wink:

Could you still give me a quick rundown on how it’s used anyway?

@wynd, I’ve seen a lot of videos saying the cutoff wheel and belt was cheap and easy. I figured though, if we already have the bandsaw I may as well try to use that lol.

I’ll definitely let you know how the heat treat turns out once I get it back. I do know that they only work on steel that can be ‘air quenched,’ so make sure your metal is one of those I guess.


We can do the training. The bandsaw has an air compressor built in. You can also add coolant to the coolant tank to assist in the cooling process.

Hey @JoeN , forget to post this till now:

Think I missed you on Friday. I was there from about 6-10, ended up having to come later than I expected. Also realized I didn’t know what you looked like, lol.

Will you be at the space this upcoming weekend?

I’m normally wearing overalls. I have a class from 5:30 till 8:30 tonight. I will probably be in this weekend

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Hey @JoeN

did Cain already catch you yesterday? I would also like to get training on the band saw, maybe I could join in with Cain this weekend to learn it as well?


Luke Sandelin

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I won’t be in Sat. I’m looking to come in Sunday to work on the bench grinder.

I as able to make a small forge out of a paint can and using either map gas or propane. I used it to heat an old file I made into a swan neck hollowing gauge for the lathe. Its at the shop if anyone wants to use it as well as a small paint can of oil to quench the metal in.