Membership expired


I was just signing up for the hand plane class tomorrow, and noticed my membership expired 2 days ago.

I just renewed it a moment ago, but will I still have access when I try to get in tomorrow?

Also was just wondering: Is there any kind of discount if you sign up annually? Or is the price the same as a monthly subscription?

If you sign up annually I believe its $750. which means you are only charged for 10 months instead of 12. So you get 2 months free.


Awesome thank you. I think the price was listed when I was checking out, but I’m not able to see it now for some reason.

Your OP credential is re-enabled. Disable/Re-enable is processed daily at the same time as new members; it’s on the to-do list to send emails on permission changes so you know what’s going on.



Now THAT is service! :grin: