MEMBER WORK DAY! December 4, Saturday

Member Work Day :tada: :taco: :hammer_and_pick:

Saturday, December 4th from 8am to 6pm
Come anytime to help for as long as you’re able!
Breakfast and lunch tacos will be provided as well as Charlie’s home roasted coffee

Mark your calendars! We have another Workday for Saturday, December 4.

There is so much going on. Tarkin is up, a new LARGE dust collector is expected early next year, and the woodshop is expanding.

Our project for December 4 is the storage loft over Red, towards the front of the woodshop. The loft is full of dusty boxes, old equipment, flotsam and jetsam. Getting that emptied out, dispositioned and the frames removed is the big priority for the day. A bucket brigade from the loft to the shop will get it emptied out in short order. Then we can tear that sucker down.

Once the loft is gone, we can proceed with changes to the walls, and expand the woodshop.
I’ll be providing my home roasted coffee to get you going!

If you can’t make it to the Workday, or if you can - and you want to help more, there are other teams going, even right now. We’re about to re-floor the new laser room. We’ll need help with that. Taking up old carpeting, laying down new laminate.

We need new tool storage for when we tear down the loft. Another team project.

And, we’re going to be building cabinet lockers. Look for more news on that in December. That will need volunteers.

That wall I mentioned? We’ll be installing new doors into it as well, so we have more dust control around the woodshop. Again, look for postings asking about “Help Wanted!”

The new dust collector? A big install effort for January/ February. But the space will need to be ready.

As you can see, we have a lot of huge projects, and we are going places. This is YOUR space. Everyone of us is a volunteer. Join in and help out with the fantastic improvements!

If you’re interested in any of the side projects, you can message me directly, and I can get you in touch with the project lead.


It is almost go time! We can all make the space better by showing up.


What time?

8AM to 6PM
2 hours, 4 hours or more. Any time is appreciated
Well have an update with some more details, but I usually bring coffee (I’m a home rooster, so it’s fresh). Breakfast tacos might be there, and lunch is brought in.


Breakfast tacos and lunch will definitely be there!


do we sign up for a time or just show up? I’d be interested in coming

Showing up is fine.