Member Work Day - 8/14/21

We’re having our first member work day in almost two years this month on Saturday 8/14/21 from 8am-6pm! :tada:

@cfstaley and the shop stewards have been planning projects for the day which you can checkout on this spreadsheet here. The first tab labeled “8/14/21” has projects we are hoping to knock out on Saturday listed with a lead person when that has been established. The second tab labeled “Project list” has the full list of project ideas. If we run out of items to do, we can draw from more items listed there.

If you’d like to discuss details on specific projects for the work day, please start a thread in this category for it.

Food & Drinks

@cfstaley is bringing some home roasted coffee for the early birds and the board will provide an assortment of breakfast tacos. We’ll also provide an assortment of tacos for lunch (yes, tacos for both breakfast and lunch, and not on a Tuesday either :scream:) and stock the fridge with waters and sodas. Food should be consumed in the lounge or outside.

COVID Precautions

We will maintain our normal COVID precautions during member work day, so masks required at all times (obviously eating and drinking are an exception). Our current COVID policies are kept up-to-date on this wiki page - Covid Policies - Asmbly Wiki. A lot of advanced planning has gone into this work day to ensure we have lots of projects spread throughout the space so that we are no more crowded than our current in-person classes or a busy day in the shop.

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Help us plan by letting us know if you will make it to the work day!

  • Yes, I’ll be there early
  • Yes, I’ll be there later in the day
  • Yes, I’ll be there all day
  • No

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If you are going to be there, let us know if you are interested in tacos:

  • Breakfast tacos - corn
  • Breakfast tacos - flour
  • Breakfast tacos - meat
  • Breakfast tacos - veggie
  • Lunch tacos - corn
  • Lunch tacos - flour
  • Lunch tacos - meat
  • Lunch tacos - veggie
  • If there is food I’ll eat it, specifics don’t matter to me

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Really wish I could make it! Next one I hope.


I’m still out of town and very sorry to miss. I look forward to seeing what all is accomplished!


Will also be out of town- hope to join the next one!


I’ll be out of town, but hopefully can contribute to checking off a project(s) one of the weekends when I’m back!

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Just bumping this thread again to make sure everyone sees it. Be sure to take the polls in this thread to let us know if you’ll make it and what your food preferences are!

Roasted a Monsoon Malabar for Saturday. It’s good stuff.


Ok is it just me, or does no one else know what a Monsoon Malabar is? @cfstaley If it isn’t too much trouble could you please enlighten all of us? Because I love coffee and have never in my life heard that phrase used.

I hadn’t heard of them either, and I have been roasting for years. “Annual monsoon winds cause the beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor.” Not all India Malabar’s are equal, or smooth, but this one is a solid rich cup. They are often used in espresso blends as a base. Apparently, this one is single origin worthy, and I agree. The espressos are excellent as are the brewed coffee.


I have a couple of things to take care of in the morning
I will join you guys at around 10 am

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So I see (laser) “exhaust rejiggering” on the list. Is there a description of this plan? There’s a lot to getting the flow to work correctly, and problems with the configuration can result in downtime since inadequate flow can present a risk for machine damage. So I’d like to help and make sure this is successful on the first pass.

as I understand it, the scope of work on that task is to ensure each laser has an exhaust that’s home-run to an exterior vent. It was entered in response to your concerns about Red and Pearl sharing an exhaust.

It may or may not also include replacing the little knee wall Red’s and Blue’s vents are mounted in; that task also needs to be done, but I don’t recall if there’s a separate line item for it.

There is indeed a separate item for the door bezel (“knee wall”) there as a separate item on the other sheet, and there’s a goal of making exhaust for Pearl and moving lasers, so the “rejiggering” is surely making new exhaust. The type of blowers used, what flows we’re trying to combine into one pipe, and the pipe’s diameter, length, joints, and type are very important. We do need the correct parts on-hand that will work according to a plan, since most aspects of a solution will require specific parts that need to be acquired beforehand.

I will be there around 10 and can help with whatever needs doing. Would love to see the miter saw squared with the cupboards, glad to see that on the list.

@dannym @JoeN this isnt on the list but the cnc could go for a surfacing and possibly new pieces of mdf glued on. Maybe while we’re at the shop we can chat about the 4th axis rotary and long end stock ideas as well.

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@dannym Yah the Pearl one would be making a new exhaust just for it, whatever tubing etc is needed let me know and I’ll pick it up the goal would be to use the orange blower that we have with it. Keep in mind the goal is to make the “laser room” in the next couple months so this is just a temporary solution that we will decommission ,so it just needs to work, not be pretty.

We’re heading to FL to deal with some eldercare issues. Sorry to miss…! SJK

Setup some “virtual” member work day projects for those of us who cannot attend. I don’t mind coming in and completing some member work day tasks on another day when I’m in there, I just can’t make it saturday unfortunately.

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Yep, Part of the workday will be setting up discrete projects(have supplies ready) that members can do whenever they are available.

Open to ideas for structuring or where these tasks should live (virtually) for members to see


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I’ll be there to support with whatever the team needs assistance with. I’ll be there 8am-1pm.

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