(Member owned) Business Directory

It would be good to have a directory of member businesses to use and recommend to friends and family. Does this exist already?


We used to have http://atxhs.org/wiki/List_of_Members and https://atxhs.org/wiki/Hxr4Hire but they have not been updated in a long time.

We should make a category for this in Discourse! Where do you think it should live? Currently, our Discourse is open to anyone to join, would you think this would be something where only members (hax0r/hax0rish) are allowed to post (not familiar enough with Discourse to know whether there are settings for that)?

We had a new mailing list for jobs in the pipeline to release right before all the COVID stuff happened. I’ll email you and the member who helped set it up to revisit whether the approach we were planning still makes sense with the new platform here on Discourse. We put the project on hold because it seemed like a weird time to roll something like that out when the space was closed, but I’ve been wanting to move forward with that again.

@MMcATX, not sure if you saw my email the other day following up on where this might live in Discourse. You have any thoughts? Maybe Maker Talk/Business Directory? I haven’t researched yet, but would be nice if we were able to restrict to only hax0r members (i.e. dues paying members) to be able to create a post advertising their business.