Measurement calipers?

Just a shot in the dark before I buy my own - has anyone noticed if there are any calipers anywhere up at the shop?

Have you been in the Laser room?
Calipers grow like a weed in that digital tool lab!
That said, they’re cheap and indispensable … buy one.

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There are calipers in the measuring bin on the woodshop cleat wall too.

We have them at every laser station that is setup at the moment. There is also one at the cnc router and some in the machine shop.

Calipers at the laser stations should stay at the laser stations. Same for CNC, etc.
There is a set in the woodshop.


@JoeN interestingly, there is now only one set of digital calipers in the laser room. Seems like there aren’t enough to go around and we should probably just order a few more sets.

Weird. There was 3 sets the other day in the laser room on the middle table. I distributed them back to the new laser desks. I will order more. I feel that if we hit saturation the problem will go away. Also the expectation that the calipers live on the laser desks

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Yeah, true. I’m thinking it might also be good for us to make a specific compartment for them on the desk to keep the surface clear. We need to do that for the manuals too.