May CNC SIG Meeting Recap

This is LONG overdue, but here’s the recap of the May CNC Meeting.

@SteveW showed off all his beautiful works involving epoxy + CNC.

Ken (I forgot your last name) described to us some of the troubles he ran into when trying to cut on the CNC.

@jamesfreeman showed us how to set up different offsets on the CNC, i.e. these are positions used to “re-origin” cuts at different locations on the material.

@lukeg was asking great questions about how to transition from doing this for fun into more of a side hustle.

@CLeininger was providing background on how he set up his business while also reminding us he has a finishing room we can use at a reasonable price.

@Maz chimed in when we all had general questions, and he provided feedback based on his own entrepreneurial experience.

This was an extremely engaging meeting where all learned so much! I’m looking forward to next CNC SIG Meeting on June 4th @ 9am in the Multipurpose Room. The theme is “Joy and Function.” I don’t know about you, but I’m personally eager to see what all of us are cooking at next month’s meeting!