Hi all ! I typically just engrave on cutting boards, but I need to do some cutouts on the thin boards/wood that I’ve seen on the shelves in the laser room.
Can i use that ? Who how do I pay ? if not - where can I purchase some ?
Thanks in advance for any info .

You may use that stock. To pay for it log on to your Neon account and go to ‘Make a donation’. I’m not sure about the prices on the material. (This info is incorrect)

edited to correct: Laser plywood should not be paid for in the way described above as we lose the ability to track whether we’re recouping material cost. We have a store setup through Square that there are QR codes on the laser cabinet linking to. Here are the links to the two different thicknesses available for purchase:

Details should be posted in the laser room. I think there’s a QR code on the cabinet between Dorian and Pearl.

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re: where to purchase,
Fine Lumber, Dakota Hardwood, Lowe’s, Home Depot.

The plywood in the space probably comes from Dakota and is likely a higher quality than Lowe’s has.

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The prices and link for purchase are on a sheet in the laser stewards closet in the laser room. Please use that link for payment.

The plywood is frok Dakota. The 1/8" is Baltic Birch, the 1/4" is their import Birch.