Material lift ideas for CNCs and Fiber Laser?

Just saw this on YouTube and thought it was interesting: Building This SAVED me 10,000 Dollars! - YouTube

Izzy has been hyping those vacuum lifting thingies for a while now.

Not sure if it’s strong enough for the kinds of materials wet expect to come through the fiber laser area, but figured I’d throw out the idea anyway.

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When we were talking a 4x8 fiber laser I assumed we’d need something like a crane to help load, but that got back-burnered when the plan scaled back.

I was looking at magswitch lifting things for the laser; it didn’t occur to me to look at vacuum lifters. it’s a neat idea for sure and it’d work on aluminum too

Northern tool has an A frame gantry crane.

I have been low key designing a cart that is truck height . It would pivot so I could get it through doors. I would then make the load horizontal to load onto the laser

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I found this instead. Link

Izzy’s vacuum lift looks interesting, although I wonder if Asmbly’s ceiling is too high to make it usable. I have the Rockler panel cart Joe listed and it works very well for 4x8 plywood sheets. I imagine metal sheets are considerably heavier than plywood, so I would double check load capacity.