Mat cutter for textiles room

Is this something that would be used/wanted in the textiles room?

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Probably a good tool to have around when framing pictures. Sure!

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I’d be open to having it in textiles

Thank you @Scott sounds like you can drop it off or bring it to work day tomorrow

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@Scott just to confirm - you’re donating the mat cutter to Asmbly?

Yes, this is a donation. I’ll bring it in tomorrow morning.



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The mat cutter is in the building!

It is currently being stored in its box on the left hand side of the printers, behind some folding chairs.

Feel free to take it out if you would like to use it. Remember to put it back in the box and back next to the printers when you finish for the day


I ordered a pack of blades for it; ETA tomorrow. It could use a cleaning still (the straight cutter handle has gone a bit sticky with age)