Mask for Engraving Porcelain

Hi! I’m engraving porcelain using the blue laser and intend to paint over the engraved surface. From what I can tell, the best way to do this would be to apply a mask before engraving, then engrave, paint, and remove the mask. I’ve heard some people use painter’s tape as a mask, but LiquaMASK seems more likely to produce a better seal. I’m curious (1) if this approach makes sense, and (2) to confirm that using LiquaMASK in the blue laser won’t damage the machine in any way. Thanks for any thoughts!

LiquaMask is designed for laser masking, so it should be fine:

Applying that liquid seems like it would be more work than tape, and tape does produce a very good “seal”. Also people do use transfer tape

That LiquaMASK looks really cool! I’ve done regular wide painters tape a good bit and while it mostly works well, I’ve definitely had times where it could have been better. You’ve peaked my interest with the LiquaMASK. I can see where a product like this could be superior than standard masking tape. Not sure if it’s quite the same, but I used to use a liquid masking tape for watercolor painting and that stuff was really awesome. Please do share how it goes for you if you end up using it!

Reporting back here on the LiquaMASK. I think it would only be useful on a surface that regular masking tape can’t stick to very well. On most surfaces I used, the tape was much easier and more effective.

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