Making Guitar Bodies

Hello everyone. Completely new to the space, wood working, and CNCs but I have a decent amount of experience building guitars from existing parts and I was thinking it might be fun to learn how to make my own bodies. I was just curious if anyone has any experience with this.


How about we teach you what we know
and you teach us how to build guitars? :grin:

I’ve cut a few body blanks for electric guitars out on the CNC. They weren’t intended to be functional, just for painting, so I’m not sure I could pass on any knowledge other than the actual cutting of it. I’ll check my email and see if I still have the plans I purchased.

Sounds good to me.

Awesome. Yeah, I also found plans that seem to be pretty well rated. I’ve got a lot to learn before I’m ready to give it a go but I’ll definitely have some actual questions down the road. I guess the first would be did you find there was anything unique to cutting a body as opposed to any other basic project? Also, did you do pick up and control cavities as well or just the body?

Awww, this Discourse was organized into specific conversation categories including “Maker Talk->Luthiery”, and I’ve been wondering if it would ever be used. And when it finally comes up, it ends up in “Space Teams->CNC”.

Doh. Sorry, about that. I definitely missed it.

I’ve recategorized

Danny, Christopher is a new member … go easy on him! :rofl:

We’ve just been waiting so long for the “luthiery” category to be used. Now it’s finally happening!


Glad I can help get it started. :grinning:

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@gmossessian has been working on a pretty incredible guitar. Not sure if he has finished it yet, but it’s really beautiful and unique.


I got a bit burned out so it’s still “nearly done.” I’ll post here eventually!

I’ve built a few guitars but it’s been awhile. I used to repair and set up guitars on a daily so I could pass on what I know in that realm. (Fret work, set ups etc.)

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I hear a class brewing… :awesome: