Maker Business interview recordings available - StencilLabs and Austin Capital Data, Alex and Gunnar

Hi, Hackers, just wanted to share that some of the interviews we’ve done for Tuesday night social night are available here if you want to check them out!
In-depth conversations with ATXHS members and alums who run their own businesses.
More to come, and our Hacker History night with Rob still needs to be added!

We’ve been thinking of hosting a Tuesday night Auto Enthusiasts drop-in Zoom call June 30 or July 8 – my guess is a lot of storytelling and also space for questions – might end up being like Car Talk, minus the Boston accents? Would you attend something like that? Chime in if there’s another interest area you want to see represented on a Tuesday night Nerd Night.

Look forward to nerding out with you :wink:

Is this affiliated with the global Nerd Nite community monthly events? If so, cool! If not then you should probably call it something else, considering there is already a well established Nerd Nite in Austin.


Ha, oh goodness. Yes, that was on a shelf of my brain somewhere. We don’t really have an official name for Tuesday night social nights. It just rolled off the tongue because… it’s already a thing. :wink: I’ll make an edit. Thanks, Andrew.


It sounds so cool somebody already trademarked it :slight_smile: