Maintenence Day recap

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to contribute to Maintenance Day. This will be a quarterly activity, and will also coincide with general work days, going forward. As a maintenance focus is a new thing, I wanted to concentrate on that.

The table saw top was replaced - again. The new top seems to be warped, so we might just have to do it again.

The tool wall has been moved towards the vertical storage.
Two of the band saws have been moved to where the tool walls were.
The clamp cart is in a blue square, by vertical storage. Please, please, please put the clamps back where you grabbed them from. When they start falling off, they get beat up.
The new large belt sander is about where it will live once it is powered on.

Metal shop got a lot of love, care and cleaning.
Dust collector filter was pulled, cleaned and reinstalled. New gasketing as well.
CNC filter was pulled, cleaned and reinstalled. New gasketing.
Router lift cleaned and rebuilt.
Jointer and planer cleaned. Planer received some much needed maintenance on the roller. The part that has been sticking / jamming for so long.
More progress on the OpenPath storage cabinets.
Service performed on the lathes.
Lasers were cleaned and serviced.
3DP repairs were made.

A very successful and productive day. Thanks to all who volunteered their time to do the maintenance and repair that we so badly needed.


Thank you @cfstaley and everyone who helped coordinate


Charlie overlooked one of the highlights: the Prodigal Calipers, with their specialty depth block, were found! :laughing:

They were among the metal shelving components lying beneath the stairs to the loft. I never searched there because I never went there. Best guess is either I put them on the top of the drill press and they got knocked off, or that I dropped them when taking tools up or down the stairs when doing electrical work in the loft.

Thanks to Matt for finding them when he went under the stairs while leveling the metal lathe!